A Modular & Scalable Enterprise Platform
for Adaptive Social Protection & Shock Responsive

  • Easy-to-Deploy
  • User-friendly
  • Bi-lingual
  • Highly functional
  • Interoperable
  • Highly customizable
  • Strong data audit trail
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Operates Online and Offline environment (mobile app)
  • Supports MS SQL, Post Gres SQL, My SQL databases
  • Supports on premises and cloud deployment
  • Strong data audit trail

We offer a highly customizable and ready-to-deploy digital technology Platform called: Convergence solutions – a unified MIS Platform which can easily be customized to meet the business needs of adaptive social protection program delivery chains. Convergence solutions comes with an in-built functions or modules such as application intake and registration, targeting, enrollment, payment, compliance, case management, system administration and reporting that can easily be tailored or customized to meet the specifics business requirements of any social protection programs being implemented by the government organization across the world.

WalkThrough Our Platform

Business Process

Convergence Solutions platform is designed in a manner that provides end-to-end automation of the business process any the social protection program delivery chains which includes – outreach, application intake, social registry, targeting, enrollment, compliance, case management and grievance, reporting. The Platform is extremely modular that helps to absorb additional business requirements with quick customization and go for easy deployment.


  • Secure user credentials
  • Two factor authentication (OTP)
  • System navigation and data visibility as per authorized privileges and menu permissions
  • Transactional data audit trail
  • A unique account for individual members within the household – maintenance of household folder for all the applicants.
  • Management and Tracking of household members, household socio economic background and other household characteristics.
  • Tracking of household using various user defined search criteria and parameters.
  • Application intake through online registration, door-to-door survey (using mobile phones, tablets) and conventional data entry approach.
  • Dynamic creation of variables/questionnaire for poverty assessment (survey form)
  • Rule based auto calculation of poverty score for every households.
  • Poverty ranking.
  • Determination of poor and non poor household based on the user defined cut offs.
  • Reassessment and maintenance of poverty scorecard history
  • Configurable enrollment rule engine
  • Generation of electronic beneficiary enrollment form to capture additional information such as bank details, nominee detail, photograph etc
  • Data synchronization with tablets, mobile phones;
  • Configurable education compliance rule engine
  • Records student attendance (Education) and health compliance using tablet in online/offline environment
  • Allows schools to access the platform to record student’s attendance and heath data independently
  • Realtime monitoring of compliance data
  • Configurable payment rules engine
  • Electronic pay sheet generation by programs and/or financial institutions
  • Electronic data sharing with third party payment serviced providers (financial institutions)
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Tracking and management of cases, appeals, grievances through a unique case id;
  • Tracking of case status – those registered, in progress, resolved
  • Information Update through case management

Provides feature to search information using various user defined input search criteria;

  • Ability to export the data into Excel, PDF formats
  • Integrates with Business Intelligence (BI) tool


Business Layer

This layer implements the core business logic and rule engine which is linked to multiple sub components like Registration, Enrolment, Administration, Payment & Reconciliation, Grievance Management System etc.

The platform is based on MVC framework, JQuery, vue.js, bootstrap, HTML5, CSS2, CSS3 and HTML5 forming the presentation layer, SOAP/Restful services forming the Integration layer.

Presentation Layer Services

The presentation layer contains the components that implement and display the user interface (UI) and manage user interaction. This layer includes controls for user input and display, in addition to components that organize user interaction. Application uses  HTML5, bootstrap, jQuery, CSS2, CSS3 and responsive UI technologies.

Service Layer

All the portal functionality uses service oriented architecture based where each functionality is exposed as a JSON based Restful service that supports seamless system interoperability with external databases.


A centralized web based platform which can easily be hosted on premises or in cloud hosting environment.

Offshoot version of a core convergence solutions platform – a convergence lite APP provides functionality to perform data collection on various functions using mobile tablets.

  • The APP can easily be configured to operate in both offline and online environment depending upon network availability;
  • It provides seamless two-way data synchronization between central server and convergence APP for data transmission in a most secure environment


The platform provides functionality to securely exchange data with all possible relevant external databases depending upon the readiness of third party infrastructure, such as  the civil registry, national ID database, social insurance database, education MIS, health MIS, payment service providers etc.

Data Quality Control and De-Duplication

The platform provides extensive features and design techniques such as the implementation of fuzzy logics, text based de-duplication methods to ensure highest data quality measures to avoid data redundancy, duplication and data inconsistencies.