Project Name: HIV/AIDS and TB Project, Health, HIV/AIDS and TB Project

Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, Government of Swaziland

Jointly financed by European Union and the World bank


  • The objective of the consultancy was to provide technical assistance in setting up of MIS including development and enhancement of MIS for efficient and effective implementation of OVC Cash Transfer Programme and other social assistance programs such as elderly and disability programs. The system focused on development of following modules:
    • OVC National Registry module,
    • Targeting,
    • Program Enrolment (OVC, Elderly and disability program)
    • Payments,
    • Compliance Monitoring,
    • Case Management (Appeals, Grievances and updates),
    • Reporting and Indicators and
    • MIS administration module.
  • The Health, HIV/AIDS and TB Project made provision to strengthen safety nets for the orphans and vulnerable children. The Deputy Prime Minister’s Office intended to increase social safety nets access for OVC by establishing a pilot OVC cash transfer scheme that would be appropriate for the Swaziland context. In order to effectively implement the pilot program, the establishment of state of the art MIS for Cash Transfers Programme in line with the best practices became extremely crucial. The Management Information System (MIS) facilitated effective and efficient implementation of the OVC cash transfer pilot along with forming a basis for a national registry of OVC and other social assistance programs such as elderly and disability programs. The MIS facilitated maintaining accurate data on OVC and ensure coordination with other ongoing OVC support interventions in the country. Some important features of the MIS included Government ownership and the ability of the Government to update and maintain, cost effectiveness, flexibility and user-friendliness. In an effort to reduce duplication and enable better coordination of current and future OVC interventions, all stakeholders now have access to this registry at the national and regional level.